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GlycoSpray™ 3 + 1 Offer

GlycoSpray - 4 x 30ml ( ONE FREE )

GlycoSpray™ - 4 x 30ml ( ONE FREE )

Price: 74.85

May Help to Normalize Blood Sugar Levels
GlycoSpray™ contains the following ingredients: Gymnema Sylvestra, which has the ability to normalize blood glucose function by repairing, revitalizing, and regenerating the beta cells of the pancreas; Vanadyl Sulfate has partially restored insulin production, protected the size and content of pancreatic islets, maintained glucose tolerance regardless of insulin levels, maintained levels of glucose, lipids, creatinine and thyroid hormone, and corrected heart function and glycerol output from adipose tissue; Chromium Polynicotinate reduces fasting glycemia, mean blood glucose, and glycated hemoglobin; Niacin (B3) is vital for proper synthesis of insulin and metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins; Synergistic Formulation needs Gymnema Sylvestre, the Only Substance Scientifically Shown to Regenerate Pancreatic B-Cells.

GlycoSpray™, which comes in a convenient sublingual spray, may help to normalize the blood sugar levels and may stimulate natural production of insulin.

May help to normalize blood sugar levels
May assist regeneration of pancreatic B cells
May stimulate the natural production of insulin
Can be part of your daily health regime

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